Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

1. What is the minimum age limit to enrol in the full-time courses with us?

You need to be 18 years or older to enrol in the course.

2. Do you have to be an Australian/New Zealand citizen or Permanent resident?

Yes, you need to be an Australian citizen or Permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen. 

3. Do we offer courses for International students?

No, we don’t offer courses for International students at the moment. An international student needs to have a CRICOS number to enrol in the course. Contact us to know more about the process.

4. Do we arrange for a CRICOS number?

Not at the moment. But we will in the future.

5. Do we arrange for a USI number?

Yes, contact us to know more.

6. Do we offer night classes as well?

Yes, we do offer night classes.

7. If you have fines from the police, can you still do the course?

Yes, as long as you have not committed a criminal offense in the last 10 years.

8. Do we assist in security licensing process?

Yes, we assist our students in the security licensing process.

9. How long does it take to get a security license in Victoria?

The application is processed immediately once received. In general, all the applications are processed within 28 days. 

10. What is the duration of the Certificate II in Security Operations course?

The duration of the Certificate II in Security Operations course is 17 days or 34 nights. 

11. What is the course fee for Certificate II in Security Operations?

The total course fee is $950 (contact us to know about any discounts available).

12. What are the employment opportunities available after the completion of the security course?

In general, you can join the security industry as a security guard (crowd controller/ unarmed guard). 

13. What are the possible employment sectors available to join as a security guard?

The possible sectors for a career in the security industry are as follows:

  • Retail Security
  • Shopping centers
  • Airport
  • Concierge
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Hospital Security
  • Gatehouse
  • Corporate Security
  • Static security
  • Crowd control, and 
  • Main Events

14. Do we offer any employment opportunities?

Yes, we do offer employment opportunities after successful course completion. Also, we have access to one of the largest labour-hire companies in Australia.

15. What the training locations available?

We offer our training at the following locations:

  • South Melbourne
  • Dandenong
  • Sunshine, and 
  • Epping