Student Services

    Providing Student Support and Guidance

    GSTA is committed to providing quality student services to all staff enrolled in the organisation.

    We provide all the students with an induction/orientation to ensure they receive the appropriate material to facilitate their interactions with GSTA. The purpose of the induction is to understand the training needs and current skills of the student. The trainer would assess the skills and knowledge of the student to check the eligibility into the course. In addition, each learner receives a copy of the GSTA Student Handbook which outlines key details about their rights and responsibilities as a learner. Furthermore, the student can view the policies and procedures related to the courses offered in the organisation.

    Student Services

    Educational support and student services include but are not limited to, advice on learning resource centres, pre-enrollment material, counselling, LLN programs, study support and study skills programs, mediation services, ICT support, along with referrals to these services. Moreover, we provide our students with the guidance and job-related support. Also, GSTA provides student services in the form of guidance related to the industry updates, further study options, interview tips etc.


    Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)

    GSTA provides a learning environment free of safety and health hazards by ensuring all staff, clients and visitors are made aware of the safety and health requirements. The organisation is responsible for:

    • Maintain and monitor the safe work areas in the workplace.
    • Provide information and training to workers regarding health and safety in the workplace.
    • Ways to report the health and safety related issues.
    • Keep records of incidents related to the health and safety of their employees.
    • Nominate a person at the appropriate level within its staff to be the representative when related issues arise.